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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, zika here in arizona? one man says he got the virus in a recent trip to florida. >> i noticed coming home i felt like i was catching a cold or something. a suspect posing as a police officer is women in flagstaff. a sketch of the man police are looking for. a major disappointment for the fans of adele. why the sungar had to post own and what it means for people with tickets. what bruce arians had to say about his overnight stay in the hospital. thanks for joining us. we begin with live pictures from
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home in sun city. you can see the smoke coming out of the home near 111th avenue and grand. the fire breaking out earlier tonight. crews are working to put out any hot spots. >> we just got over the scene. we don't know if anyone was hurt but we're not seeing signs of that at this point. we're working to gather more information and as we learn more, we'll pass it along to you. >> it has been a jesse wilson disappeared from his buckeye home. his family says he climbed out the window and ran away. >> police captured body camera footage from earlier this year after he ran to a neighbor's home. marc martinez joins us with more. >> reporter: this accident happened a week or two after crystal wilson moved into the home.
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outside all alone and that is when they called police. it is the early hours of april 25 and buckeye police are responding to a call about a young boy outside of a home. that boy was jesse wilson. >> you can stay there. >> reporter: neighbors told police they found jesse alone in the dark. he did not have much to say except he was hungry. when police tried to question them, he did not say much either. >> do you know your dad's name? do you know your mom's name? >> reporter: officers got him to open up and they determined jesse lived a few feet away. >> that has to be two houses there. >> so you live over here? >> hi, officer fletcher. do you have a child named jesse wilson?
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i told him he is not allowed to open the window. i go in there right now and it is wide open again. you know the little locks, i put them on there. >> reporter: jesse's mom explaining how her little boy got out of the house. they walk to the front of the house trying to figure out how he was able to jump out of the second-story window. >> that is oh, my goodness. >> he was dressed for school. >> reporter: jesse was reunited with police who told police she is going to put a lock on his window but three months later, she called police to say he had gotten out again and that was the last time he was seen. if you have any information on where he might be, you're asked to call buckeye police or
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witness at 480-witness. police are searching for a man who poised as a police officer and sexually assaulted a woman. the woman was sitting in a parked car when the man posing as a cop walked up. he took the woman to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her a valley man sitting on his couch with his wife watching tv when he is suddenly shot in the neck. >> the bullet came from his roommate's gun. he was unloading the weapon when he accidently pulled the trigger. >> reporter: what makes the story more complicated is the fact that both men are army veterans with extensive gun
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for his life. valerie just returned from visiting her 26-year-old army veteran brother in the hospital. >> at this point, we don't know the extent of his voice damage, if he will be able to breathe, talk, eat normal again. >> reporter: he wasn't shot in the line of duty. he was watching tv with his wife when a bullet flew through her neck. >> he made a noise and she saw neck. >> reporter: three rooms away, their roommate, who just came home from afghanistan, claims he was putting his gun away when it went throgh four walls and into her brother's neck. >> i don't remember cleaning up the blood, i remember what that we did what we had so his wife
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>> reporter: today, the husband and father of one is fighting to stay alive and get back home. >> they were able to stand up today and he is moving his arms and extremities are unaffected thankfully. >> reporter: with no insurance, stress and medical bills are piling up. >> he is trying so hard. he just wants to get home and take care of his family. he is not thinking he heal and take his time. >> reporter: treadway was arrested on aggravated assault and disorderly conduct of reckless discharge of a firearm. if you would like to help with medical costs, head to where we posted
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county officials moving forward with plans to sell chase field to a private group of investors. today, the stadium's board of directors unanimous signed a letter of intent to sell chase field for a price tag of $60 million at the very least. the letter of intent will allow the county to take steps in to allow the potential buyer to the property. >> we have to get this appraisal done and that is going to tell what fair market value is and it is not pennies on the dollar, it is fair mark dollar. >> the diamondbacks have not been involved in this and they are keeping an eye on it and they will wait and see. if the stadium is sold, it will
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until 2027. it follows tension between the county and the team over who should pay millions of dollars to the team. good morning, everyone, especially in arizona. i can't do my second show here. i'm really sorry. >> a tough break for adele. they were planning to attend the concert tonight but singer says she is fighting a bad cold. she could not perform tonight. she posted that video just hours we showed it to you earlier. she posted it on twitter apologizing to her fans for having to postpone the concert. this, of course, left thousands of fans disappointed, including one couple who flew to phoenix from canada just for this concert. >> we normally don't come here
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>> we came for the concert. we're disappointed for sure. we're definitely disappointed. >> they get the consolation. they get to enjoy 110-degree heat. >> we gave it to them hot today. she asked fans to hold on to the ticket and she will reschedule the show or you can get refunds. your refunds are available at point of purchase. valley man travels to anniversary comes back very sick and doctors think he may have contracted the zika virus while visiting florida. >> reporter: so far this year, there has been 24 confirms cases of the zika virus here in the state of arizona. luckily, no one has died. this man who traveled to florida for his 25th wedding
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another case. >> i thought i was catching a cold. >> reporter: they traveled to celebrate their six years of marriage. he came back and he was not feeling well. >> my elbow started hurting. my muscles started hurting and i never experienced anything like that before. i feel like i got beat by sledgehammers. >> reporter: he went to the hospital for several hours miami and his stomachs, he says doctors said they believed he had the zika virus. >> a nine day quarantine is something i never thought i would ever experience. i never thought i would get e-mails from the arizona department of health telling me don't go outside. >> reporter: marshal has invested in this mosquito fogger
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because the mosquitoes will be in the air. the mosquitoes are in the air under the leaves and the orlanders are so if you walk and kick the dirt, you're not going to get to that. if you're not going to use aing fogger, you're not going to get to the area. >> reporter: in the meantime, he says he is feeling better a waits for confirmation if he has zika virus. the bluecut fire has charred 27,000 acres and an undetermined number of homes and structures in the cajon pass area has been destroyed. it forced 80,000 people from their homes.
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contained. it was a big scare for bruce arians who was rushed to the hospital during the team's practice yesterday. tonight, we have the latest on his condition. but first, behind the scenes look at new training that all phoenix police officers will undergo to learn how to deescalate situations with armed
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we have a fox 10 news alert... live pictures - near 44th street and alert... live pictures - got a fox 10 news alert, 44th street and mcdowell where police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run crash. it is an active scene. investigators have it shut down. that is 44th street, from mcdowell and palm lane. >> police are working to get a they are asking folks to avoid the area while they investigate. we will bring you updates as we get them. only on fox, the phoenix police department giving us an exclusive look at the unique way they are training officers on deescalation tactics. >> the department was recognized as groundbreaking training and
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>> nicole garcia took the class that all new and current officers have to take. >> all officers stay focused and calm. >> reporter: every police officer on the force, whether they are rookies or veterans must take this course. >> controlling your emotions and everything in you that you can control. >> reporter: the lessons being taught today are different than in the past. >> breathing will get you through the ent >> 24 years ago, you used to tell them to do it and then make them do it. >> it is phoenix p.d., calm down. >> we may ask them to do something and tell them to do something but we are going to tell them what the consequences are if we can and we're going to start thinking about what resources are available to help solve the problem. >> subject walking with the gun in traffic. >> reporter: part of the
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situation. what else can the officer do before escalating into deadly force, something the police chief emphasizes. >> slow things down. >> reporter: 21st of policing is a new ballgame and new recruits recognize they are signing up for the most controversial and criticized and dangerous job in the country. >> you have a lot of friends and we are worried about you. are you sure you want to go in this profession and i said yes. this is something i wanted to do. it makes me nervous. >> it makes me nervous and makes my family nervous but i want to be that one to do it. i want to protect here at home. >> reporter: what they are learning in the classroom will be tested in a tactical village
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calls. >> do me a favor and talk to me. >> reporter: officers are being trained to be tactically sound therapists. >> step out, let me see your hands. >> i'm not a bad guy. >> i know you're not. we can talk about the kids that is easy stuff. >> reporter: they need to talk people out of deadly situations. they have to be physically able to restrain them if need be. now, the department is adding biology to police course exercising officers' brains. >> control their stress and control their fear and make smart choices. >> reporter: recognizing how the brain works helps officers make smart, split-second decisions under pressure. >> we're bringing neuroscience in everything we do. we understand how we perform under stress and what it does to the brain. >> we don't want officers in
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decisions when you do. >> let me see your hands. put the gun down. put it down. >> reporter: it comes down to being prepared for this, preparing officers to think, to have a plan, communicate, and deescalate before resorting to using their guns. the reality is nowadays the law will not always give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt. a someone their life, it can cost someone their career. >> do not cause circumstances by placing yourself in a tactical disadvantage. if you create the urgency, if you use poor tack tis, if you don't have a plan and what you did created the circumstances, in the future, you will be held liable for it. >> reporter: nicole garcia,
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>> it is. we're asking officers to do a lot. tremendous decisions in the field every day. >> in the near future, the department hopes to use biomet ricks technology hooking officers up to machines and measuring their heart rates. >> they are hoping to use that information to help officers stay calm, cool, collected under high stress we have rain around the state. we have a little bit trying to get in the valley.
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93 in surprise. 93 in cave creek. 99 degrees right now in ahwatukee. a little bit of rain coming down. you can see a little bit of active weather mostly across northern portions. you can see that stuff trying to sneak into the valley here. a little bit of virga meaning it is not reaching the ground. might be a sprinkle or two in some of these areas and we have a slight chance of rain in the forecast. you can getting a shot up there. anywhere from .5 of an inch to 1.9 of an inch so lots of rain coming down. we get a look at the flagstaff area. anywhere from 1.5 to 1.25 in that area. so they get good rain up there. as we get you a look over in the east, not a lot going on there.
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picked up earlier in the day. they get .3 and 1.9 north of young. they are getting a lot of rain in some of these areas here. it is clearing out over in the eastern mountains and not so much north of us though. still pretty good storms up there. look at that active weather off to the west of us at this time. it is moving in a northeasterly direction with the city sitting over here. there is a chance that system air quality will be a problem through the day tomorrow as well. as you look at the dew points they are up a little bit right about the same to the north of us where we are seeing showers. you can see, we're increasing the moisture a little bit. this is the futurecast. we put it into motorcycles for you. you can see stormy weather working its way through here.
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to the city, if not in the city. we're going to keep an eye on that and there are areas, even as we head into the weekend there are going to be quite wet. still windy out there. gusts in phoenix are going to be at 30 miles an hour. 37 miles an hour gusts at kingman. 21 miles an hour at lake havasu. 109 degrees today. 108 at goodyear. 106 up at deer valley. 89 in prescott. 110 at gila bend. take a look at what we did for the day. 109 on the high. 104 and 83, normal high and low. forecasting for tomorrow, temperatures coming down a little bit. you can see they are up a little bit. as we look around the valley but in the central city, 102. we will see 102 from 105 degrees tomorrow.
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into the gulf states as well as they continue to see flooding and horrible weather down there. 84 overnight. 102-degrees for tomorrow as the temperatures come down a little bit. watch your kids around water.
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a sigh of relief for the this is a sigh of relief for the bird gang nation. cardinals' head coach bruce
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of this, back on the job and out of the hospital in san diego. >> yesterday, he experienced severe stomach pain during team practice and taken to the hospital. richard saenz is in san diego with the latest on his condition. >> reporter: think about it, at this time last night, bruce arians was in the hospital struggling but this morning, the big boss was back in his hash tag read and tweet to the fans, can't keep me down. it was xysting -- exciting to see the head coach walk into the media session because we were not sure he was going to make it. he was in the hospital. he is tough as nails. i asked him to take us through the moments that he was rushed to the hospital the day before. >> a bunch of stomach pain and doubled over.
9:33 pm
at first. i've been diagnosed with die per tick you lie. i knew it was there. i will go to practice today and see how it goes. i'm too old not to listen to doctors anymore. i have a tendency to push it. we'll go out today and see how long it will stay and it is nothing serious. >> reporter: we're not done with the more from coach and the cardinals. in san diego, i'm richard saenz for fox 10 news. while coach arians is on the mend, the team is dealing with a tough loss. nancy bidwell has passed away. she is the wife of cardinals' owner. she was 84 years old and had been battling breast cancer and
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her family and the condolences go out to the bidwells and friends and family as well. developing story out of rio where two u.s. olympic swimmers were pulled off a plane by brazilian authorities that they were robbed during the games. two swimmers had their passports revoked. ryan lochte is already back in the united it is not clear if the fourth swimmer is in brazil tonight. all four men said robbers held them at gunpoint and stole their money. brazilian police are not sure if the robbery happened at all. 2016, donald trump getting his first national security briefings today. the candidate making big chances
9:35 pm
trump hired steven bannon as his chief executive of his campaign and g.o.p. pollster kellyanne conway as his campaign manager. he received his first classified national security briefing today but admitted beforehand, he doesn't trust thallal sis of everything. >> not for the people doing it for our country the years. it has been catastrophic. >> trump beginning to air his first tv spots in four of the 11 of the key battlegrounds states. it happens on friday. >> hillary clinton is focusing on attacking donald trump's policy. she is well ahead in several battleground states and mrs. clinton ignored most questions about the changes and the shakeups in the trump campaign.
9:36 pm
refusal to release his tax returns and on his proposal to give tax breaks that she says would give he and his family billions of dollars. >> it would let millionaires and billionaires cut their tax rate in half on a lot of their income. under his plans, donald trump would pay a lower tax rate than middle-class families. >> meantime, congress has received a heavily redacted report on hi interview with the f.b.i. last month. now, house members are accusing clinton of committing perjury. we're learning new information about the virginia man who climbed the trump tower to scale the window sex. official says 19-year-old steven a guy a planned and practiced for this stunt for a long period
9:37 pm
vacation. he told a secret service agent he wanted to get a message to donald trump. trump was 500 miles away at a campaign stop in virginia. his parents say he is battling an ongoing mental health issue and his attorney says he is getting help. on the, we are getting amazing details from this man who has been so inspiring to others in trying to lose weit. several feet of excess skin after losing more than 300 pounds doing the hard way. he lost the weight by eating right, changing his diet and doing a lot of exercise.& a scottsdale surgeon offered to remove the excess skin in a complicated and lengthy surgery. that surgeon did it free of charge saving him tens of thousands of dollars. the surgery was on monday and we
9:38 pm
recovering at home. >> they took about seven feet worth of skin. i have a couple thousand stitches now but they are all inside and, you know, with time they will all dis appear, which is exciting. >> he can return to the gym in eight weeks. he is worried about that because he has been so good about staying in after getting in top shape, he plans to compete in a men's fitness competition after he heals up. after the break, some cities have a big rat problem but an arizona company says they have come up with a way to control the rodent population and this meth is safer than traps or
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america thought our pancakes were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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a flagstaff company has come up with a new way to a flagstaff company has a flagstaff company came up with a new way to contro the rat population. birth control for rodents. the contraception comes in a sweet liquid that rats like to enjoy. it causes the sperm in male rodentses to become ineffective and in female rats, it causes it is tragic for the rats but good for us. >> it is a humane way to do this, right? >> it is true. when you get the roof rats, it is not fun. the developer says the formula is humane and safer alternative than rat traps and poison. the company was given the go ahead to start manufacturing the product. >> this is interesting. a woman had a surprise up her
9:43 pm
tried to cross into nogales. border agents found five pounds of meth taped to the woman's legs with the estimated street value of $15,000. the woman was referred to homeland security. a big drug bust in columbia. two tons of cocaine found on a so far, columbia officials have destroyed 1,300 drug labs and seized 2,800 tons of cocaine. passengers on a ship had to be rescued because of a fire.
9:44 pm
it spread to other compartments. rescue boats and private vessels were brought in to help rescue more than 20 people were hospitalized, including one person who broke a leg while going down an emergency slide. more than 100 others received medical treatment at the scene. >> we're talking about people who are anxious and shock and suffering from heat stroke and >> there has been reports that fire has been burning for a while. authorities are investigating. >> reporter: fliers -- flyerses making less complaints. customer reporting fewer delays, cancellations, and issues with their baggage. passengers might be complaining
9:45 pm
u.s.-based airlines say they expect 15.6 million to fly around labor day weekend that is a 4% jump from last year. you might not see many millennials travel for labor day. four in 10 workers who skipped vacations are millennials. one big reason why, young people want to show they're dedicated to their job. back to school shoppers are shopping for a bargain. parents are using coupons when deciding what to buy that is the highest percentage in the survey's history. happy shopping. coming up after the break, a committed pokemon go player achieves the ultimate goal and you won't believe the lengths he went to make it happen. forget funerals, what more do with their bodies once they
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it is amazing. a new york man has achieved a big goal when it comes to pokemon go. if you play this game, you will be impressed. he caught all 145 pokemon in the smartphone game and he had to travel all over the world to do this. nick johnson says on average he played the game for eight hours
9:49 pm
full-time job. >> can you be gainfully employed if this is going on? is there a prize at the end of the rainbow for this? >> i don't know. anything i say would not be nice. he lost a little bit of weight doing it because of all the walking that is the upside. he was moving around eight hours a day. >> he does it for the love of the game. time for the buzz where we talk about the stories that people are talking about. >> first up, how many of you are watching tonight because you bought tickets to adele and the show was canceled? >> we were the fallback. >> she has been selling out show after show but her announcement on twitter disappointing thousands of fans here in arizona but it was endearing that the singer, the way she announced it. >> let's listen to a little bit of it. >> i've enjoyed my tour so much
9:50 pm
i push through a lot of things but i've been trying to sing all morning and warming up and nothing is happening. >> a lot of people have commented about how touching the video was and it shows she is sick. it looks like she has been crying. >> i think it is great and brutally honest. she did not bother to do a lot of makeup. she said here is me in the morning and i'm not feeling well and you can >> not to criticize any other singer, she is not lip syncing or dancing, it is all voice. a surge of people leaving their bodies to science. rising funeral costs and growing acceptance of a practice. but this is vital for surgeons in training to test new devices
9:51 pm
generosity. would you? >> i signed up to do this when i did my living will. i will probably die at the age of 90 and give my body to science. i had second thoughts and what if i die at this age and they are like, hey, my cadaver is the news lady. >> that is right. the big reveal. >> pictures of me on twitter. i guess i'm dead so it won't matter. >> that is ghoulish. >> what about the most uncomfortable item of clothing for a man, probably the necktie. >> you would not wear it. >> it is the bra for women.
9:52 pm
door, they rip their bra off and they don't put it back on until they go on again. you probably do that with your tie. >> it is gone. it is gone in the car on the way home. a tie is like a bra for a woman, a necktie. >> it is that uncomfortable? >> i think so. i have never worn a necktie. it is not the first thing you want to put on in the morning. >> i applaud this talker and i applaud the decision. >> it is like being in sweatpants. >> i think it is fine and few guys will object. >> your turn to chime in. head to facebook and post your thoughts. >> we would love to hear from you. >> yes, we would. >> reporter: i'm not going to touch that one. now that the cardinals have their head coach back, it is time to get back to work
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richard saenz in san diego.
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.. a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. scary moment yesterday as word scary moment yesterday as word spread that head coach bruce arians was taken to a local hospital just before the cardinals were about to begun
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with more on b.a.'s health and the practice, we kick it out to richard saenz. >> reporter: we are in san diego with the cardinals. it is easy to be cool and funny guy. when times get tough that is when your true character starts to show. bruce arians took a ride in an ambulance bent over in pain late last night and taken to a local hospital. after he spends the hospital, he gets released this morning and still makes the morning media session. that is not all, b.a. started practice here as they hit the field with the chargers. the main man hasn't changed. he was still that confident guy and had the presence of mind to crack jokes this morning. he says last night was part of his master plan to keep the cardinals on their toes.
9:57 pm
i had a bunch of stomach pain and doubled over. i thought it was a kidney stone at first. good thing i do colonoscopies. i knew it was there. i was mad i missed a practice because it was a good one. we watched the tape and move on today. i'm too old doctors anymore. i have a tendency to push it. we'll go out today and see how long we'll stay and it is nothing serious. >> reporter: we do have football to talk about. cardinals practicing together. both teams say they got better because of it. an interesting exchange between charles jones and philip rivers. i had to ask chandler about it.
9:58 pm
you and philip rivers. >> he ran about 40 yards and i said you have to run faster than that. i told him i will see him on friday. >> reporter: we have cards coverage in a matter of minutes. i'm richard saenz for fox 10 sports. >> reporter: thank you, richard. we swing to downtown phoenix. the diamondbacks play long ball with the mets tonight. rickie weeks jr. hits this moon shot that is deep andut yasmany tomas gets a full extension and that is out of here to make it, 3-1, d-backs. weeks and tomas and it is weeks again another deep home run. 6-1 and then it is tomas. this time with two on in the bottom of the seventh.
9:59 pm
is it enough? full extension. he has been on a tear lately. this one off the wall. not quite enough to get it out of here but enough to score two runs and enough to watch tomas run the bases. he is safe with a two run score. 8-1, diamondbacks. tomas, almost to the identical spot. this one into the camera well and it is gone. home. they win, 13-5. more on the cardinals coming your way. we check back in with richard and more on the d-backs getting the big win at home. first, it is time for fox 10 news at 10:00 with marc martinez. has the zika virus hit arizona? we hear from a valley man with the symptoms. will chase field soon have a new owner? a meeting today involving a
10:00 pm
specifically everyone in phoenix. >> adele saying hello to phoenix on twitter but what she says next leaves thousands of fans disappointed. thank you for joining us at 10:00. we begin with a news alert. police on the scene investigating a deadly hit-and-run in phoenix. sky fox overhead at 44th street and mcdowell. this is within the last half hour. it is not clear crash. one person was hit and killed and so far, no description available on any vehicles that officers may be looking for. the intersection is closed and it will be as the investigation is underway. we'll keep you updated as we learn more details. a tempe man was sitting on the couch watching tv with his wife when he is struck with a bullet and has to be rushed to the hospital. another area of the house was


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